Resumes and Job Search Skills

Looking for work is something we must all do from time to time, but very few people actually enjoy the process. This is often because of poor job search skills and tools, and using a ‘trial and error’ approach.

Let’s start with identifying opportunities. Many jobs aren’t advertised – so how do you access the hidden job market? We can help you go beyond the basic job search avenues and apply targeted search strategies.

A key tool for any job search is a professional resume. Your resume is your personal ‘brochure’ and its purpose is to get you shortlisted for interview. Your resume needs to stand out from the crowd and make it easy for potential employers to see how you fit their requirements. Add a killer cover letter to boost your chances of being shortlisted.

Once you are shortlisted for interview, you need to prepare to confidently answer even the trickiest questions. We can help by identifying typical interview questions, and giving you opportunity to practice your answers with immediate feedback.


How we can help you:

  • Don’t have a resume? We can create a professional resume for you!
  • Your existing resume not getting you anywhere? We can review and upgrade your existing or out of date resume, and help with tailoring your resume to a specific role.
  • Don’t know what to put in your cover letter? We can advise on cover letter content and provide tips for layout.
  • Struggling with responding to selection criteria? We can guide you on how to provide specific examples of your skills and experience.
  • Are you bombing out at interview stage? We can help you prepare and practice your answers to typical interview questions.


Take the first step:

Check out our Resume FAQs and our downloadable tip sheets.

Send your resume in MS Word format and receive tips on how to improve layout and content.

Make an enquiry to chat about how we can help.