Team Profiling

What makes a high performing team? Usually it involves having a diverse mix of people who bring different perspectives and strengths to the team. But diversity can cause conflict or unproductive working relationships due to poor communication and misunderstandings. A high performing team needs to be able to work together effectively to achieve the teams goals. This means being aware of and adapting to different styles of working and communicating.

Team profiling tools such as the Team Management Profile® can improve team performance by identifying individual and team strengths, areas for development and working style preferences.

We can conduct a half day workshop to help your team perform more effectively. Each team member receives a personalised, comprehensive, easy to read report. Team members share and discuss individual working styles and preferences and identify actions that can be immediately applied to improve team dynamics. The overall strengths of the team and any gaps can be identified and addressed.

We can add activities to build team collaboration and break down a ‘solo’ mentality.

Contact us to discuss your team’s needs.